Work Experience:

  • 2011–2013: University Assistant on pediatric dentistry- College Vasile Goldis West University Arad, Arad (Romania)
  • 2013–2014: Dentist at personal practice, Roveretto (Italy)
  • 2013–2014: Collaborations with dental clinics in Verona and Bolzano,Italy
  • 2015 –Present Dentist, Owner at CMI (Individual Medical Practice),Arad, Romania

Education and Training:

  • 2004–2010 Dentist: Vasile Goldis West University Arad, Arad (Romania), Dental School – Faculty of Dentistry
  • 2013: Certificate Dentcoff Research, Timisoara (Romania), Direct Restorations on posterior teeth with Dr. Pulo Kano
  • 2014: Certificate Bio-Emulation Colloqium, Santorini (Greece)
  • 2014:Certificate Siced, Brescia (Italy), AFG Modelling wax-up techniques on anterior teeth with DT Alberto Battistelli
  • 2015 Certificate Dentcoff Research, Timisoara (Romania), Demistyfying Isolation, rubber dam course with Dr. Stephane Browet
  • 2015: Certificate Bio-Emulation Colloqium, Berlin (Germany)
  • 2016: Certificate Bio-Emulation Colloqium, Los Angeles (USA)
  • 2016: Certificate GC, Tokyo (Japan), The 4th INTERNATIONAL DENTAL SYMPOSIUM GC , Tokyo
  • 2016: Certificate One on One training in Endodontics with Dr.Bogdan Moldoveanu
  • 2017: Certificate ”One On One” Advanced Endodontic Training with Dr. Eugen Buga
  • 2017: Certificate Siced, Brescia (Italy) Training in fixed prosthodontics with Dr.Dario Severino and Dr. Niccolo Zambonini